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You simply must read HEADFIRST: The Olympic Success Story of Skeleton. This is the remarkable story about a sport that hadn’t been in the Olympics for decades and how it was suddenly reborn. Simultaneously to the readmittance of the sport, the author experienced a personal awakening. This is the factual story of Robie Vaughn’s renaissance and his becoming a “WARRIOR” of legendary proportions.
—George M. Steinbrenner III

HEADFIRST is not just a book about an exciting sport and Olympic medals, but about the lives and the journey of the people who made it happen.
—Tristan Gale, First Women’s Olympic
Skeleton Gold Medalist, 2002

Robie and Fallon Vaughn threw their energy, love, and support into the daredevil sport of skeleton and made our Olympic dreams a reality. HEADFIRST is the inspirational story of that journey.
—Jim Shea, World Champion, 1999
and Olympic Skeleton Gold Medalist, 2002

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