Headfirst by Robie Vaughn, with Mike Towle
Book What is skeleton?
Author skel e ton: (skěl ə tən) n.
  1. The internal structure composed of bone and cartilage that protects and supports the soft organs, tissues, and other parts of a vertebrate organism; endoskeleton.
  2. A supporting structure or framework, as of a building.
  3. The kamikaze sport of sliding headfirst on a sled down an icy track.

Ever heard of skeleton? Well, neither had Ióuntil 1995, when I was first introduced to the extreme sport. After my first run, I was hooked.

Headfirst is the story of a passion which initially developed with the sheer thrill of sliding down icy tracks at speeds of nearly eighty miles per hour. This fascination evolved into the realization of a childhood dreamórepresenting my country as a member of the United States Olympic team.

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